From traditional media, to new-age marketing ― Snorkel Corn has you covered! We combine online and offline platforms to reach your target audience and maximize your ROI .


Social Media

We cover everything from social media monitoring and trend identification to content strategy, graphics production, and paid advertising. We can build content for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and emerging micro-channels. Think of us as your social content accelerator.


Email Campaigns

Through engaging, relevant content, emails educate and engage your audience with special offers, news, and information. We can plan an email campaign that's professional, yet personalized to resonate with your audience. Email marketing also reinforces your social media presence, where your messages may be lost in the feed.


Traditional Media

Not only can we help you build your online presence, we also offer our marketing, branding, and advertising services utilizing traditional media like TV, radio, billboards, newspapers, magazines, and other print media.